The 25 top-paying jobs in America

Some careers pay more than others. Here are the ones that pay the most.

For those of us looking for work, it never hurts to keep an eye on which industries seem to be up and booming. Check out today's 25 highest-paying jobs in the United States, according to Glassdoor, and see where you should consider setting your sights.

The 25 top-paying jobs in America
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The 25 top-paying jobs in America

25. Attorney

Lowest on the top-25 ladder is an attorney, with an annual median base salary of $94,695. The position is high in demand in big, cosmopolitan cities like New York, Washington D.C., and L.A.

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24. Nuclear Engineer

Next up are "nuke" engineers, clocking in at $94,852 a year. Places hiring include Knoxville, TN and Virginia Beach, VA.

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23. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Finance is still booming, despite the takeover of tech. Finance managers make a median base salary of $94,862, and are hottest in demand in N.Y. and L.A.

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22. Scrum Master

A scrum master is a facilitator for agile team software development, an important asset in our rapidly changing workforce that makes $95,167 a year and is in demand in Richmond, VA and Chicago.

21. Plant Manager

The title here speaks for itself; management of nuclear and energy plants have never been as important as they are now. Plant managers make $91,189 a year, and are needed in Phoenix and Houston.

20. Systems Architect

In our digital age, we all need someone to build customized systems for whatever kind of business we might run. They make $97,873 annually and are being hired in Atlanta, San Jose, and Austin, among others.

19. UX Manager

Having someone who's about to make your product as interactive as possible is endlessly important today. These managers report making $98,353 a year in places like Atlanta and San Francisco.

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18. IT Program Manager

Managing the backend of your system is also equally as important, and earns about $98,883 annually, with jobs in Boston and Seattle.

17. Actuary

Risk analysts are huge today--earning about $99,507 in places like New York and Portland for their consulting.

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16. Data Architect

Analytical skills are equally as important as the creation of interface in enterprise. They make $102, 091 a year, in cities like Atlanta and New York.

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15. Solutions Architect

This title speaks for itself. Solutions architects make about $102,678 a year with demand strong in Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle.

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14. Nurse Practitioners

Even in the age of tech, medicine will never die out, making $104,144 a year. Portland, OR, and Richmond, VA are hiring.

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13. Software Architect

The actual software packaged and old is worth more than the backend system, evidently. They report $104,754 annually, and are in great demand in San Jose and San Francisco.

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12. IT Architect

These computer-savvy people earn $105,303 as a median base salary. Detroit, MI, and San Francisco are hiring.

11. Software Engineering Manager

Another tech job, reporting $109,350 as a salary with demand strong in San Francisco, Seattle, and N.Y.

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10. Corporate Controller

Overall management is still a role that's necessary to fill, especially in giant corporations. They earn $110,855 on average, in cities like Portland and New York.

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9. R&D Manager

Scientific research in an industry will never be depleted so as long there is demand. A median base salary of $111,905; Atlanta and Evansville, IN are hiring.

8. Applications Development Manager

Apps are necessary to keep any system up to date. The managers who develop them make $112,045. Dallas, TX, and Tampa, FL are hiring.

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7. Physician Assistant

Helping doctors out is really necessary and underrated work. Physician assistants earn $112,529 and are in demand in Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

6. Enterprise Architect

How else do you build a business? These architects make $112,560. N.Y. and S.F. are hiring.

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5. Pharmacist

As long as disease and injury exists, pharmacists will be a necessity for humankind. Pharmacists make $125,847 a year, and are hot in demand in Providence, RD, and Baltimore, MD.

4. Medical Science Liaison

These connectors average $132,842 annually are being hired for in Cambridge, MA and Washington, DC.

3. Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys are so necessary right now for all the inventions coming out, with $139,272 median base salary and being hired for L.A. and Atlanta.

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2. Pharmacy Manager

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They make $149,064 and are in demand in Austin and New York.

1. Physician

Physicians are the highest on the scale, racking in an average of $187,876, and being hired for virtually everywhere--but especially in Phoenix and Pittsburgh.

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