Brewer names her beers after her awful dates


Bad dates are an inevitable part of adulthood -- but one woman decided to profit off those cringeworthy stories.

Katarina Martinez is the owner and head brewer of Lineup Brewing, a Brooklyn-based company. Martinez has a host of stories of dating life in New York City, and she started integrating it in her work: she names beers after her bad dates.

Martinez spoke to Mic about her funny business venture. The first was about a man who was apparently "grumpy" on a date due to the negronis he drank. "I saw a gallon of cider from his [family's] farm at a farmers' market and made it into an amber cyser (cider-beer hybrid) situation and named it 'Grumpy Mort,'" she told Mic. "I thought it was hilarious and fun to poke fun at the experience."

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Grumpy Mort was just the beginning. Martinez went on to give her beers names such as Naked Mike, Washed Up Rockstar and St. Anthony's Fire -- all about dates gone wrong. Martinez takes care in making her beer creations unique to the name. For example, Naked Mike is light- to medium- bodied and brewed from pilsner malt, while Washed Up Rockstar is a porter.

Martinez's latest creation? An IPA named Fantastic, Brilliant. The same man who inspired Grumpy Mort asked for a second chance and described Martinez as "fantastic, brilliant, sexy" in an email -- but wanted to remain single.

"My philosophy is to make [my beer names] either funny enough that people will want to order the beer," Martinez tells Mic, "or awkward enough that they'll get a laugh out of a big, burly, bearded man ordering a 'Naked Mike.'"

Martinez told that she may have "kissed her dating life goodbye" with the Mic interview, "But I've had a very positive reaction about the naming strategy since the article." She believes she's in a relatable situation, and the response proved that.

"I've also heard a TON of other people's dating horror stories, so I've had an absolute blast thinking of ways to incorporate those stories as well," she told

Martinez continued that likes her beers to reflect people's personalities -- positive or negative. "All beers should have a story," she said. "But please don't try and date me wanting a beer named after you! I've got my guards up now."