MARK CUBAN: Here's what I would do with my businesses if I ran for president

Billionaire business mogul Mark Cuban explained what he would do with his business holdings if he were to seek the presidency — as he has teased reporters he may decide to do in 2020.

"I have so many private business investments that it would be impossible to sell them," Cuban told Business Insider in a recent email.

"I would put them in a blind trust but make it clear I would still be available on a limited basis for those companies. It wouldn't be fair to those companies if I just bailed on them.

"I would also be very transparent — truly transparent about what I was doing," he continued. "And yes, I would make my [tax] returns available."

President Donald Trump, a fellow billionaire whom Cuban has been highly critical of at times, has come under fire for both his handling of his businesses following his election as president and his refusal to release his tax returns.

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