Shock Top brews up major brand refresh and exciting new flavors

For the first time in its 12-year history, Shock Top is shaking things up with a rebrand -- and a roll out of delicious new flavors to boot.

"Shock Top is known for its laidback, carefree vibe, but this year, we're growing up without letting go of being young. We're turning up the volume with a vibrant, new energy and look that's ready to shake things up," said Jake Kirsch, Vice President of Shock Top, in a press statement.

"Across every touchpoint with our brand, fans will experience a more upbeat Shock Top, coupled with some incredible new seasonal brews that embrace citrus in every sip like never before."

Don't worry, you'll still be able to get Shock Top's signature Belgian-style wheat ale, Belgian White, and the popular Lemon Shandy. Added to the line-up, though, is Ruby Fresh, made with grapefruit, and seasonal Holy Citrus, made with Buddha's Hand -- one of the world's oldest citrus. editors had the chance to not only try the new brews, but to speak to Shock Top Vice President Jake Kirsch about the rebrand.

Shock Top Belgian White and Lemon Shandy had the same memorable, great flavors we're familiar with -- and we couldn't get over how cool the new bottles looked. Shock Top not only updated the look of its mascot, but the packaging now features "doodles" that adds a character to each bottle.

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Shock Top brand refresh
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Shock Top brand refresh

Kirsch told that Shock Top was going for a look that "embodied Shock Top's youthful, carefree spirit."

That also went into Shock Top's new flavor offerings. "What's Shock Top about? Citrus," Kirsch said. He told that the brand was "going back to our roots" with these new flavors. Not only did Shock Top go back to its core, but the new flavors are delicious.

Shock Top Ruby Fresh was a refreshing beer with the added grapefruit flavor. We know this will be the perfect drink for us throughout the summer. Shock Top Holy Citrus features the Buddha's Hand, which is treasured for its sweet smell and zest -- and we can tell why it's so well regarded. The flavor was unique but had the same refreshing taste that all Shock Top beers have.

Ruby Fresh and Holy Citrus are just the beginning, too. According to Kirsch, the brand made a special line-up of limited-edition flavors just for Shock Top's variety packs. Shock Top asked, "what are crazy new citrus flavors?" They set out to find "emerging citrus," and put together a truly special portfolio.

Shock Top Citrus Pearl, made with finger limes, will be available in the summer. Shock Top Inner Beauty, made with the "ugly" Jamaican tangelo, will be the fall and winter variety. Along with Shock Top Buddha's Hand, the limited-edition variety out now, these will only be available in Shock Top's variety packs. Kirsch calls these new releases "the best line-up we've ever had." We can't wait to get our hands on them!

For more information and to cheers to what's ahead for Shock Top, visit their website.

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