Cracker Barrel got trolled hard by Facebook users seeking justice for a woman's firing

It's not all chicken n' dumplins for Cracker Barrel these days.

The Southern country-themed restaurant is getting hilariously and mercilessly trolled after an employee of 11 years was fired by the company for an unknown reason - on her husband's birthday no less!

The woman's husband, Brad, valiantly asked on the restaurant's Facebook page for a reason why his wife was let go, but to no avail. Comedian Amiri King then brought the issue to the public's attention and posted this screenshot of Brad's comment:

Now, thousands of comfort food vigilantes are making it their mission to seek justice for Brad's wife and are truly taking advantage of every opportunity to do so. And we mean every opportunity.

No exaggeration, pretty much every comment on Cracker Barrel's page calls for #JusticeForBradsWife. The people have spoken, but Cracker Barrel still hasn't. Brad updated his support system on his Facebook on Thursday.

He also posted this inspiring message to all of his loyal fans:

Have you ever seen this many people get behind a cause so passionately? If this whole ordeal doesn't make you want to stand up and fight for what's right, what will?

If your favorite spot is Cracker Barrel, next time you take a bite of that country fried steak, think of the fired woman who could have served it to you.

#JusticeForBradsWife #NotMyCountryStore #DumpingThoseDumplins

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