Pizza Hut releases pizza-ordering Pie Tops to celebrate being a part of March Madness

What better way for Pizza Hut to celebrate being the official pizza of the NCAA than to release a pair of shoes that can order pizza for you?

"At Pizza Hut, we're always innovating; creating the best delivery deals and the easiest ways to order. Which led us to this, the Pizza Hut Pie Tops: A shoe that can order pizza straight to wherever you are at the press of a button," Pizza Hut said in a statement.

The chain created a limited number of the shoes -- 64 pairs for the "starting field" of the men's tournament -- and editors received a pair:

How do these magical shoes work? They use Bluetooth technology to track your location and an app to set your pizza preferences. Once you've picked what pizza you want, merely press the button on the Pie Top's right tongue and confirm your location. Ordering pizza is now easy as pie.

Unfortunately, the Pie Tops will not be available to the general public; they will go to influencers and Pizza Hut superfans according to AdWeek.

The good news is, even if you don't have Pie Tops, you can still easily order yourself some Pizza Hut.