Target is fixing the most annoying part of shopping there

Target is redesigning its stores with time-starved customers in mind.

The company is creating two separate entrances: one for shoppers who have limited time and only need to pick up a few items, and the other for people who want to leisurely browse the store.

The quick-trip entrance will offer customers easy access to a newly designed grocery department, a wine-and-beer shop, self-checkout lines, and a pickup counter for online orders — all "within steps from each other," according to the company.


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The new grocery department will feature "woodgrain fixtures, a robust assortment of fresh produce as well as quick grab-and-go options and meal solutions," the company said.

The chain will also have convenient parking spaces outside the entrance, with some dedicated to online pickup orders. If customers park in the online pickup spots, Target employees will deliver their orders to their vehicles.

With the quick-trip entrance, Target is trying to solve a major problem plaguing big-box retailers: lack of convenience.

Shoppers today tend to visit several stores to complete their shopping lists, whereas in the past, shoppers preferred to visit only one store for everything they purchased.

That has made convenience for so-called "fill-in" trips more important than ever before.

Target's entrance for leisurely shoppers, on the other hand, will feature a mix of merchandise from the apparel and accessories, home, jewelry and beauty departments.

About 40 stores will be updated, many with the two-entrance design, by October. Eventually, Target is planning to update 500 stores with the new design over the next two years.

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