5 US cities where you won't blow right through your paycheck

Let's face it, city life can be really expensive.

However, not all urban areas are alike. In fact, some cities are able to offer up both reasonable housing options and strong job opportunities.

Zillow and LinkedIn recently partnered up to figure out which US metropolises fit that bill.

LinkedIn's employment and salary data went toward figuring out which US cities had the strongest job markets. That information was combined with Zillow's median rent data and income tax rates. The result was of list of five cities where professionals can expect to take home over 45% of their paycheck (after taxes and rent).

Here are those five cities where you won't find yourself blowing through your paycheck every month.

Note: The hire rate refers to the share of adult professionals who landed a new job in the past year. Read the full methodology here.

5. Minneapolis

Monthly disposable income (as a percentage): 45.9%

Monthly disposable income (in cash): $4,703

Hiring rate in 2016: 8.3%

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Most Expensive Zip Code in Alabama: 35223

  • City: Mountain Brook

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $543,700

The 35223 zip code covers much of Mountain Brook, a wealthy suburb located southeast of Birmingham. In terms of income, Mountain Brook surpasses Birmingham by almost $100,000 — the median household income is a staggering $126,534, according to the Census Bureau.

Although this zip code hosts a hot housing market that's ideal for people wanting to sell their home, it's actually not one of the best places to buy a home in the U.S.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in Alaska: 99516

  • City: Anchorage

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $446,000

Thanks to a high cost of living, Alaska is one of the states where you're most likely to live paycheck to paycheck. Anchorage, in particular, also has a higher cost of living than the national average, according to Sperling's Best Places.

But in terms of housing, zip code 99516 isn't the most expensive zip code on this list. Still, this area does have a higher median home value than the rest of Anchorage ($291,900) and Alaska overall ($267,000).

Most Expensive Zip Code in Arkansas: 72223

  • City: Little Rock

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $318,300

The wealthiest zip code in Arkansas is even less expensive than Anchorage. Little Rock is a college town and home to major businesses. In fact, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is one of the largest public employers in the state, reports Forbes. Although the 72223 is the most expensive zip code, home prices are actually relatively affordable at under $400,000.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Arizona: 85253

  • City: Paradise Valley

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,341,800

Paradise Valley boasts a small population and a great location outside of Scottsdale. And, it hosts several popular resorts. At the same time, Paradise Valley has a well-deserved reputation for expensive real estate.

If you want to live in the richest zip codes in Arizona, you'll need a high income. The cost of living in Paradise Valley is three times more expensive than the U.S. average, according to Sperling's. But the difference between the town’s average and the national average for housing costs is much bigger: In Paradise Valley, housing costs are eight times more expensive than U.S. housing costs, in general. And, the median household income is $151,184 — which is almost three times the national median.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in California: 94027

  • City: Atherton

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $6,177,000

Nope, the 90210 is not the most expensive zip code in California. That honor belongs to Atherton.

Atherton is located in the San Francisco Bay Area — one of the regions experiencing skyrocketing home prices. According to Zillow, home values in this zip code reached a low point in summer 2009 when the median home value dipped below $3 million. Now, the median is over $6 million. And just to add to those crazy financial figures, Atherton's median household income is in excess of $250,000.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Colorado: 81435

  • City: Mountain Village

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $905,600

Southwest of Telluride, Mountain Village is one of the many Colorado mountain towns boasting beautiful views and ski slopes. So perhaps not surprisingly, the cost of living in Mountain Village is double the U.S. average. And housing costs are four times the national average, according to Sperling's.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Connecticut: 06830

  • City: Greenwich

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,730,200

The 06830 zip code, which includes Greenwich, is one of the most expensive on this list. Not only are home values high, but so are home prices. The median home price in the 06830 zip code is $2,395,000, according to Zillow. And according to Sperling's, housing costs are seven times the national average. So if you want to live in this expensive area, you better take steps to increase your income.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Delaware: 19807

  • City: Wilmington

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $729,700

The 19807 zip code covers mainly the northwest corner of Wilmington, which borders Pennsylvania. This area includes affluent communities and suburbs, including Greenville, and is home to a hot home seller's market, according to Zillow. This zip code also boasts much lower crime rates than other zip codes that make up the Wilmington metro area, according to Sperling's.

Most Expensive Zip Code in DC: 20015

  • City: Washington, DC

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $999,000

The DC area is home to plenty of wealthy suburbs. Zip code 20015 is centered primarily on the Chevy Chase area, surrounded by other wealthy suburbs such as Spring Valley. Though home values barely budged from last year, Zillow predicts the median home value for zip code 20015 will break $1 million by next year. So if want to live comfortably in the DC area, it's recommended that you earn at least $83,104, found another GOBankingRates study.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in Florida: 33921

  • City: Boca Grande

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,313,600

Florida, one of the best states to retire rich, also has one of the wealthiest zip codes on this list. Located on Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande hosts many tourists as well as many year-rounders. Although Florida was struck very hard when the housing bubble burst, home values have recovered. In Boca Grande, houses have appreciated at nearly triple the rate of the U.S. average over the last five years, according to Sperling's.

Most Expensive Zip Code Georgia: 30327

  • City: Atlanta

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $975,300

Home values bottomed out in summer 2012 in this pricey Atlanta zip code. Home values then rallied, climbing from an estimated median of $650,000 in June 2012 to roughly $925,000 by June 2016. 

Although home values are nearly $1 million in this zip code, they're relatively low in the rest of the city. The median home value in Atlanta is only $202,100, according to Zillow. But, home values are expected to rise about 5 percent over the next year.

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Most Expensive Zip Code Hawaii: 96821

  • City: Honolulu

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,295,400

Hawaii’s 96821 zip code covers an area in East Honolulu, located outside the city center. Although this Honolulu zip code is one of the richest zip codes on this list, Hawaii, in general, has a very high cost of living. In fact, it's one of the worst states for your money.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Idaho: 83455

  • City: Victor

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $349,500

In last year's study, Eagle — a suburb of Boise — claimed the spot as the most expensive zip code in Idaho. This year, zip code 83455 takes the top spot.

Home values might be high in this area, but $349,500 doesn't match the peak in August 2009 when the median home value reached just under $400,000 before falling hard over the next five years. Still, compared to the wealthiest zip codes on this list, the 83455 is drastically less expensive.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Illinois: 60043

  • City: Kenilworth

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,350,000

This zip code hosts Kenilworth, an affluent Chicago suburb. The cost of living in the 60043 is three times higher than the national average. And, housing costs are eight times higher, according to Sperling's.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Indiana: 46077

  • City: Zionsville 

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $324,500

Northwest of Indianapolis, zip code 46077 covers Zionsville, Eaglewood Estates and Northfield, to name of few. The differences in income and home prices among these suburbs, Indianapolis and the state overall are substantial.

For example, Zionsville boasts a median household income in excess of $100,000 versus Indiana's median of $49,255. Meanwhile, the median home listing price of zip code 46077 is nearly $300,000 more than Indianapolis' median listing price.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Iowa: 52411

  • City: Cedar Rapids

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $274,900

The zip code 52411 corresponds to an area northwest of central Cedar Rapids. Like many cities on this list, Cedar Rapids has been growing into a cultural and regional hub. As such, home values in the 52411 zip code have been rising since their low point in November 2009, according to Zillow. Still, it's not one of the richest zip codes compared to others on this list.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Kansas: 66224

  • City: Leawood

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $457,200

Leawood lies south of Kansas City. Zip code 66224, in particular, covers the southern tip of Leawood. A relatively small town with a population of approximately 34,579, according to 2015 figures from the Census Bureau, the median household income in Leawood is an impressive $139,384.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in Kentucky: 40513

  • City: Lexington

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $359,200

Zip code 40513 is west of central Lexington. The Lexington-Fayette area has a population that exceeds 314,000, according to the Census Bureau. The University of Kentucky is a dominating presence in Lexington, which has helped the city develop into a cultural hub. This zip code, in particular, is also relatively safe. The violent and property crime rates are both lower than the national average, according to Sperling's.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Louisiana: 70115

  • City: New Orleans

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $488,200

Bordered by the Mississippi River to the south, zip code 70115 includes several New Orleans neighborhoods, including West Riverside, Irish Channel and Touro. Compared to New Orleans' overall median home value, zip code 70115 home values are about $300,000 higher.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Maine: 04270

  • City: Town of Oxford

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $127,400

Zip code 04270 is tucked away north of Portland and covers the Town of Oxford. It's actually the least expensive zip code on this list. However, it's important to note the available data used for this report only included two zip codes in Maine.

The housing market in this area is actually a bit unusual. Many housing markets saw prices and values bottom out in 2011. This zip code, however, didn't see its home values bottom out until around 2014, according to Zillow. But then, beginning toward the end of 2015, home values skyrocketed by almost 40 percent.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Maryland: 20816

  • City: Bethesda

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $905,700

The 20816 zip code covers mainly the southern part of Bethesda. The housing market has cooled off a bit, and Zillow predicts only a modest rise (1.6 percent) in home values in the coming year.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Massachusetts: 02493

  • City: Weston

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,568,300

New England has traditionally been a center of wealth in America, reaching far back into the country’s early days. So, it makes sense that this state also has one of the richest zip codes in the country.

Weston, in particular, emerged as an affluent suburb by the 20th century, where many of Boston’s wealthiest citizens lived in country estates. These days, Weston is still home to some of the richest people. Its median household income is just under $200,000.

Downtown Detroit skyline reflection on the Detroit River

Most Expensive Zip Code in Minnesota: 55424

  • City: Edina

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $705,400

Minneapolis has several wealthy, upscale suburbs, including zip code 55424. Nearby Minneapolis has a Zillow Home Value Index close to $230,000, which isn't bad for a major city. However, the median home value for zip code 55424 is three times greater than that of Minneapolis.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Mississippi: 39110

  • City: Madison

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $239,800

Located outside of Jackson, zip code 39110 covers several neighborhoods in Madison. AreaVibes.com gave Madison the No. 1 spot for livability in Mississippi, citing high income per capita, low crime rates and access to plenty of amenities.

Although this is the wealthiest zip code in Mississippi, Sperling's data shows that Madison's cost of living is on par with the U.S. average. And the median home price in this zip code is an affordable $339,450, according to Zillow, making it one of the cheapest places to live on this list. 

Most Expensive Zip Code in Missouri: 63124

  • City: Ladue

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $844,500

Central St. Louis lies east of zip code 63124. Centered primarily on Ladue, zip code 63124 has a median home value that's six times Missouri's median home value ($139,800). Home prices are even higher in this area with a median of $879,990 — that's $700,000 more than the median home price in all of Missouri.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Montana: 59106

  • City: Billings

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $321,100

Zip code 59106 covers a large stretch of land west of Billings. Over the past year, both Montana and Billings experienced a larger increase in home values than this zip code. However, the 59106's median home value is still over $100,000 higher than both Billings' and Montana's median home value.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Nebraska: 68520

  • City: Lincoln

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $371,500

Lincoln shares that characteristic so common among the most expensive zip codes on our list: It’s a major college town. The University of Nebraska is the preeminent education institute in the zip code, as well as one of the largest employers in the state, according to Sperling's.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Nevada: 89411

  • City: Genoa

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $732,600

Genoa lies south of Carson City and near the tourist hot spot of Lake Tahoe. According to Zillow, home values in this zip code increased 15.3 percent over the past year. With housing costs that are more than three times the national average — and a higher-than-average overall cost of living — you'll need to make sure you have enough savings to buy a house in this zip code.

Most Expensive Zip Code in New Hampshire: 03870

  • City: Rye

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $717,500

New Hampshire's 03870 zip code covers the town of Rye, just south of Portsmouth along the state's tiny sliver of a coastline. The town features positive numbers when it comes to education statistics. For example, Rye spends about double the amount of money per student than the U.S. average of $12,383 per student.

Most Expensive Zip Code in New Jersey: 07620

  • City: Alpine

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $2,655,200

Zip code 07620 is hardly the New Jersey you might see on "The Jersey Shore." The affluent town of Alpine is and has been home to several celebrities, including Kellyanne Conway, Chris Rock, Russell Simmons and more, reports NorthJersey.com. With a $2.7 million median home value and a median home price of $4.5 million, you'll likely need to become a millionaire in order to live in this zip code.

Most Expensive Zip Code in New Mexico: 87506

  • City: Santa Fe

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $638,500

Santa Fe home values are much higher than New Mexico's median, at $311,900 and $171,800, respectively. However, zip code 87506 has a median home value that is more than double that of Santa Fe's median.

Most Expensive Zip Code in New York: 11976

  • City: Water Mill

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $3,798,500

When you think of the most expensive places to live in New York, you might assume the Big Apple. But in reality, it's Water Mill. 

Located near East Hampton, Water Mill has a much higher cost of living than Manhattan. While Manhattan's cost of living is more than double the national average, the cost of living in Water Mill is more than seven times the U.S. cost of living, according to Sperling's. And, the median home value in Manhattan is only $1.25 million — about $2.5 million less than Water Mill's home values.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in North Carolina: 28480

  • City: Wrightsville Beach

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $885,900

Wrightsville Beach sits on North Carolina's Atlantic coast within the Wilmington metro area. The quintessential American beach town, it's no wonder this zip code has some of the most valuable homes and a cost of living that's twice as high as the national average.

Most Expensive Zip Code in North Dakota: 58503

  • City: Bismarck

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $319,400

North Dakota's 58503 zip code corresponds to wealthier suburbs north of the city. To illustrate the point, the median home value of the 58503 is more than 20 percent higher than Bismarck overall. Zip code 58503 also has a median home value that's nearly 60 percent higher than the state's overall median home value.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Ohio: 45174

  • City: Terrace Park

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $500,500

Terrace Park is an affluent suburb of Cincinnati and has seen impressive growth in home values in the last year. Cincinnati metro area home values have risen by more than 6 percent over the last year, but zip code 45174 has experienced nearly a 16 percent leap in home values during the same period.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Oklahoma: 73078

  • City: Piedmont

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $196,900

Piedmont is a suburb of Oklahoma City with a population of a little over 7,000 as of July 2015, according to the Census Bureau. Housing prices really began to take off after February 2013, according to Zillow. Piedmont’s median home value jumped by more than $30,000 in just three years, almost reaching $200,000 by February 2016. Fortunately, Piedmont has a median household income of $73,506, which means home values are only about 2.7 times the median income.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Oregon: 97210

  • City: Portland

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $795,800

The Pacific Northwest is beginning to resemble the San Francisco Bay Area with its ballooning housing prices. Portland's home values have been on the rise, increasing close to 12 percent since last year. But home values in zip code 97210, specifically, have beaten Portland overall, rising by almost 15 percent over the same period.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in Pennsylvania: 19035

  • City: Lower Merion Township

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $931,800

Lower Merion Township is an affluent, old town north of Philadelphia. The median home value is pretty high, but it's still $300,000 less than the median in zip code 19035.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Rhode Island: 02835

  • City: Jamestown

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $604,600

Rhode Island's most expensive zip code includes the scenic island of Jamestown. This same zip code ranked as the most expensive in last year's study, but home values have risen considerably. With a current median home value of $604,600, the 02835 zip code experienced a 12.6 percent jump since last year — that's almost a $70,000 increase.

Most Expensive Zip Code in South Carolina: 29915

  • City: Bluffton/Daufuskie Island

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $488,900

According to Zillow, zip code 29915 covers parts of Bluffton, but it also encompasses the culturally rich Daufuskie Island. Daufuskie Island has retained much of its historical buildings and sights intact. At the same time, the island has developed into a seaside resort, which makes it even more desirable for prospective homeowners.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Tennessee: 37215

  • City: Nashville

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $658,900

Located southwest of central Nashville, the 37215 zip code also covers the towns of Forest Hills and Green Hills. Several neighboring suburbs, including Oak Hill and Brentwood, also boast home values that are far above those of Nashville proper

Most Expensive Zip Code in Texas: 75205

  • City: University Park

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,343,800

Zip code 75205 includes parts of University Park within the Dallas metro area and  is home to Southern Methodist University. An affluent college town, the cost of living in University Park is nearly triple the U.S. average, according to Sperling's. The likelihood of the cost of living increasing seems probable, considering home values rose by 8.4 percent since last year. Zillow projects them to continue rising in the future.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in Utah: 84060

  • City: Park City

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $940,700

As a suburb of Salt Lake City, Park City is seeing an impressive growth in income. According to 2009-2015 Census Bureau data, the estimated median household income rose from $77,500 to $105,102.

High incomes are necessary in Park City, especially since housing costs are nearly five times the national average, according to Sperling's. The median home price in this zip code is a staggering $2.3 million, according to Zillow.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Vermont: 05445

  • City: Charlotte

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $496,900

South of Burlington, zip code 05445 includes the city of Charlotte, which sits alongside Lake Champlain. The scenic lakefront makes the area especially appealing, as does the presence of the University of Vermont in the Burlington metro area. Though $496,900 might seem expensive, it's still lower than the peak median home value ($556,000) back in 2009.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Virginia: 22066

  • City: Great Falls

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $1,104,000

One of the richest zip codes on this list, zip code 22066 is still considered a "very cold" buyer's market, according to Zillow. Part of the reason could be because home values aren't as high as they were before the housing crash. In fourth quarter 2005, home values peaked at more than $1.23 million before plummeting in 2008.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Washington: 98039

  • City: Medina

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $2,311,100

Medina sits alongside Lake Washington, across the water from Seattle. A surging economy, especially in tech, has been pulling more people to this Seattle area. In the process, the area's home values have risen, with many Seattle suburbs approaching the lofty prices of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The cost of living in Medina is almost five times as expensive as the overall U.S. cost of living, according to Sperling's.

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Most Expensive Zip Code in West Virginia: 26541

  • City: Maidsville

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $203,700

Many zip codes across the country have been recovering from the crash in housing prices that occurred roughly a decade ago. But zip code 26541 has seriously rebounded. In just the last year alone, home values rocketed more than 40 percent, from around $145,000 in January 2016 to the current median home value of $203,700, according to Zillow.

Most Expensive Zip Code in Wisconsin: 53726

  • City: Madison

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $449,700

Madison is experiencing a "very hot" housing market, according to Zillow. Home values in Madison metro area have surged by 7.3 percent in just the last year. In the 53726 zip code, home values rose 5.6 percent.

Most Expensive Zip Code Wyoming: 82009

  • City: Cheyenne

  • Zillow Median Home Value: $254,000

Home values in the 82009 were surging in 2008 and 2009, with the median home value topping $251,000 in June 2009. Then, home values tumbled before leveling off between 2011 and 2014. But in the last year, they increased by 3.4 percent and they're expected to continue to rise.

Overall, Wyoming is one of the best states for families to live a richer life, which could further contribute to rising home prices.


4. Pittsburgh

Monthly disposable income (as a percentage): 55.3%

Monthly disposable income (in cash): $4,616

Hiring rate in 2016: 7.5%

3. Nashville

Monthly disposable income (as a percentage): 53.6%

Monthly disposable income (in cash): $4,195

Hiring rate in 2016: 7.1%

2. Austin

Monthly disposable income (as a percentage): 50.9%

Monthly disposable income (in cash): $4,964

Hiring rate in 2016: 9.7%

1. Indianapolis

Monthly disposable income (as a percentage): 53.5%

Monthly disposable income (in cash): $4,606

Hiring rate in 2016: 7.1%

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