Why Didn't I Learn This in School: Travel More, Spend Less

Travel costs keeping you grounded? Don't worry. With a few cost-cutting tips and some skilled planning, you'll be clear for takeoff.

The sweet spot to purchase domestic flights is between three months and 30 days before travel.

During peak seasons, get to booking two months in advance. For international flights, aim to buy between one and a half to five and a half months from departure. You'll usually see the best deals on Tuesdays around 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Get an app that will find nonstop trips. It'll nudge you when prices drop or are at their cheapest.

Be aware of dynamic pricing. Websites store your browsing info, so when they see you returning for a particular flight, they'll set a higher price for it. But if you clear your browser's cookies and cache, the trick's on them.

It'll appear like you're a first time customer, and they just might show you the good stuff. Sometimes booking two one way tickets can be cheaper than booking round trip. There are booking sites to help you make that connection.

Get ready to book with these safe low-cost airlines:

10 safest low-cost airlines in 2017
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10 safest low-cost airlines in 2017

Aer Lingus

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HK Express

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Jetstar Australia 

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Jetstar Asia

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Thomas Cook 

Photo credit: Reuters 

Virgin America

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Photo credit: Reuters


Now that you're on your way, here are a few hidden vacation costs to avoid.

Check yourself -- not your bag. Be smart about packing your carry on, and you can save $25 bucks each way.

Don't get hustled once you land. Plan in advance the cheapest, most sensible way to get to your hotel or Airbnb.

Renting wheels? Call your credit card company to see if they already provide collision coverage to save on extra insurance costs.

Resort fees, cruise service fees and country exit fees are all extra expenses that can creep up like a bad headache.

So inquire ahead to minimize the pain. If you're leaving the States, call your phone provider to see if you can switch to a temporary international plan.

Or get an app that will let you text or call for free from wherever there's WiFi.

So put away all that extra cash, brush up on your geography, and get ready to be dazzled by all there is to see on this great Earth.

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