10 popular tourism destinations that are cheaper for US travelers in 2017

Booking a dream trip to the Caribbean just got even more realistic for Americans.

TripAdvisor, the travel planning and booking site, announced the results of its 2017 Hotel Pricing Report and found that Caribbean hotel prices have fallen 8 percent compared to 2016. The average U.S. traveler now spends an average of $442 per night on hotels in the region.

If this discounted figure still makes your eyes bulge, then consider a trip to one of the other top 10 most traveled hotspots with the best hotel values in 2017.

Asian countries, in particular, experienced significant drops in hotel prices over the last year. Accommodation savings in Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines range from 3 to 12 percent, which may not sound like a lot, but a luxurious seaside 5-star hotel in Vietnam only costs around $100 to begin with.

The biggest hotel price plunge over the last year is Turkey at 14 percent, but before visions of sticky Baklava dance in in your head, it is important to note why it is so much easier to score a deal.

The State Department revamped its travel warning for Turkey in 2017 due to the persistent threat of terrorism.

In addition to the failed coup in Turkey last July, there were deadly suicide and car bomb incidents in Istanbul that killed tourists in January, March and June 2016, an attack at the Ataturk that left 45 dead and a double bombing Istanbul's Besiktas/Vodafone Soccer Stadium on December 10, 2016.

Most recently was the January 1 mass shooting at a popular nightclub, which left 39 dead and around 60 injured.

Despite all of this, you are not prohibited by the United States government from visiting Turkey, and if you're unfazed by recent events, then this is the time to visit and snag a great deal at the hotel of your dreams. Stay in a palace built for the clients of the Orient Express, where Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel for a heavy discount. Or, stare out at the Bosphorus from your bed at the Shangri-La.

Click below to see all 10 of the popular destinations offering travelers the best hotel deals in 2017:

10 destinations that are cheaper for Americans to visit in 2017
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10 destinations that are cheaper for Americans to visit in 2017

Destination: United Arab Emirates

Year-over-year price decrease: -3%

Destination: Philippines

Year-over-year price decrease: -3%

Destination: Vietnam

Year-over-year price decrease: -4%

Destination: Costa Rica

Year-over-year price decrease: -4%

Destination: Sri Lanka

Year-over-year price decrease: -5%

Destination: Cambodia

Year-over-year price decrease: -5%

Destination: Caribbean

Year-over-year price decrease: -8%

Destination: Belize

Year-over-year price decrease: -9%

Destination: Taiwan

Year-over-year price decrease: -12%

Destination: Turkey

Year-over-year price decrease: -14%


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