Nordstrom's 'Clear-Knee Mom Jeans' send internet into a tizzy


Everybody has an off day, and that apparently includes buyers for highly regarded, typically fashion-forward department stores.

Somebody at Nordstrom gave the green light to a pair of pants called 'Clear-Knee Mom Jeans.'

The $95 piece of clothing is exactly what it sounds like – high-waist, cropped and tapered denim with see-through plastic insets at mid-leg.

That garment has sent the internet into a tizzy.

One person tweeted, "We are truly living in the dark time line," while another called them, "Mad libs, but for fashion."

Some got political.

A person focusing on domestic matters wrote, "Nordstrom stopped selling Ivanka's...label but sells these clear knee jeans. That's gotta crush the Trump ego."

As the pants are made by Britain's Topshop, international issues were raised as well.

Tweets in that category included, "Brexit Britain," a call to sever relations with the European nation over making 'Clear-Knee Mom Jeans' a thing.

Shop the 'Clear-Knee Mom Jeans' below

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