Here's how your smart TV could be used to spy on you

WikiLeaks' latest documents alleged the CIA has developed a secret hacking program that can turn smart TVs into bugging devices.

According to WikiLeaks, the CIA has developed a hacking technology known as "Weeping Angel." Once infested, the hack can place the Smart TV in 'fake-off' mode, leading the owner to believe the TV is off but it actually on. The TV then operates as a bug. It is able to secretly record conversations through the camera and microphone and send the files to a CIA server.

"Anything that is voice-activated or that has voice- and internet-connected functionality is susceptible to these types of attacks," Robert M. Lee, a former U.S. cyberwar operations officer and CEO of the cybersecurity company Dragos told ABC News.

Samsung's F8000 series smart TVs were allegedly hacked by the CIA. Vizio, which has sold more than 11 million smart TVs since 2010, was fined $2.2 million last month after it was found to have been tracking audience habits without asking for permission. LG's current smart TVs do not collect user data but the older models do.

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