Wal-Mart giving out free cupcakes on March 12

Whether you're a spring baby or not, there's definitely one place where you'll be celebrating a birthday this March -- Wal-Mart!

The company is rolling out its latest initiative, which it's calling its "best birthday celebration" with cupcakes.

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But these aren't special-edition Wal-Mart themed cupcakes (though we would also be down for those, aside from imagining what said cupcakes would even look like.)

On Sunday, March 12 Wal-Mart Supercenter locations around the country will be offering a free cupcake to every customer.

Customers will have the choice between vanilla or chocolate, with either white buttercream or whipped icing anytime between non and 4 pm.


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Wal-Mart claims that it's "a celebration of everyone's special day regardless of the day you were born" and that's almost as sweet as the frosting we intend on inhaling this weekend.

All in all, Wal-Mart expects to give away nearly 3 million cupcakes.

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