This store celebrated women by offering discounts for frying pans

A woman's best friend is her... frying pan?

A department store in Singapore has come under fire after offering discounts on frying pans as part of a promotion on International Woman's Day.

The store, TANGS, marked March 8 by offering discounts for a range of products, including high heels, beauty products — and two frying pans.

The store sent out a promotional email to customers, with the discount for the frying pan listed at the top, according to Marketing Interactive.

The promotion hasn't gone down well with some:

"International Women's Day is a day to honor the struggles of women for equality, safety and respect," Jolene Tan, Head of Advocacy and Research at Singapore's Association of Women for Action and Research told Reuters. "Sadly, too many retailers present it as a consumerist event to be trivialized through sales and discounts rather than attention to the serious issue of gender equality."

"Why offer discounts only [for] frying pans? Because women [are] only interested in kitchen utensils? How about smartphones, business suits... things that a woman needs in a work place?" asked one user in response to news outlet TODAY's Facebook post.

Others were non-plussed:

"You can honour the struggles of women for equality, safety and respect and at the same time enjoy a good discount," commented another user on Facebook.

"If I enjoy cooking, I'd love to buy a good quality frying pan for myself. What's wrong with that?" another added.

Singapore is ranked 55 out of 144 countries in the Global Gender Gap 2016, an annual report which measures the gap between women and men across health, education, economy and politics.

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