Ikea just announced a huge change (it's going to alter everything you think about Ikea)


This is so clever, it's shocking.

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Ikea is wonderful.

Ikea can also drive you mad.

It's not just the long trawl through the parking lot to see if you can find a space.

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It's not just dragging yourself around its vast stores, pushing past indecisive couples and unruly families.

It's that when you get home, you've got to put that wardrobe/chest of drawers/weird wine rack together.

Yes, there's an instruction leaflet. No, it's not always comprehensible. And, yes, you sometimes get a tiny screwdriver [it's called an Allen key] that's supposed to help but doesn't always work.

And, yes, you get mad.

I bring great news. Ikea has just whispered to Dezeen that it's started making furniture that doesn't need tools and says goodbye to bolts and screws.

Instead, welcome to Ikea furniture that simply snaps together.

The Swedish company is using a new type of joint. It's called a wedge dowel.

This allows you to simply slot, say, a table leg into the rest of the table.

You feel like it's brilliant because it looks so simple. It looks like nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle. And you're good at those, right?

The designers, though, say it wasn't quite so easy to create.

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But you don't care about them. You care about bringing your flat-pack home and having it placed in your living room within moments.

There are people to show off to. And you're tired of, well, making an effort. Ikea says this could reduce a building process that used to take 24 minutes to just three.

Think of what you could do with those additional 21 minutes. Watch a whole episode of a sitcom. Or read a whole James Patterson book.

I did adore this quote from Ikea's range and supply manager Jesper Brodin: "There are more divorces. So if you get kicked out [of your house] in the morning, you can reassemble your table in the afternoon."

The mere thought that Ikea has brought together so many modern needs in one simple invention makes my heart melt. Think of the metal that you won't have to use.

Most of all, though, this creation will turn you into a nicer person.

You will become less frustrated and more prepared to accept some of the other difficulties in your life.

Such as dragging yourself around vast Ikea stores and pushing past indecisive couples and unruly families.

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