Snapchat has opened a new storefront for its Spectacles glasses in Venice

Snapchat has a new storefront for its Spectacles camera glasses.

The app's parent company, Snap Inc., has opened a new retail store just a stone's throw from its headquarters in Venice Beach, California. A photo of the new store was recently posted on the Spectacles website, and a Snap spokeswoman confirmed the new location to Business Insider on Thursday.

The new Spectacles store in Venice will be open daily from 11 a.m. local time to sunset for the next several weeks, the spokeswoman said. The spokeswoman declined to say whether the store is permanent or temporary.

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Aside from yellow vending machines that spontaneously appear in different parts of the US, Snap's only retail presence for Spectacles to date was a storefront in New York City that recently closed. The company also recently started selling Spectacles, which cost $130, on its website to anyone in the US.

Spectacles aren't a meaningful part of Snap's revenue stream yet, but the glasses are its first hardware product as a self-described camera company.

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