The rich are moving -- and here's where they're going

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Come into some cash lately?

More and more millionaires are going where the green takes them!

The New York Times reported 2016 saw a record spike in millionaires relocating to a different country.

While the number was small, 82,000 millionaires, it's a 28% jump from 2015.

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So where exactly are the rich heading?

According to Fortune, thanks to the coined Golden Ticket investor VISA program, 11,000 millionaires hopped on over to Australia the most in 2016.

Similarly, the U.S. also has an investor type VISA which attracted 10,000 millionaires in the same type period.

Canada came in 3rd and the UAE, also known as "where the rich and famous go to play," attracted 5,000 more millionaires.

According to New World Wealth, millionaires are those with 1 million in assets not including their primary residence.