McDonald's is fixing its constant ice cream machine issues at long last

Sick of all those times you've gone to McDonald's and not been able to get ice cream? Everyone knows the feeling. You stroll up, whether it's in the middle of a hot afternoon or the middle of the night, and you have a craving to handle. Just a simple craving, that can be resolved with a 99 cent ice cream cone or, even better,a big cup of vanilla ice cream with M&Ms or Oreos mixed in. But then, just as the excitement of ordering and the anticipation of sweetness is at its max, the nice McDonald's worker tells you sorry, the ice cream machine is broken.

Ah, what a familiar feeling that is, right?

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McDonald's is practically notorious for constantly having ice cream machines that are broken all the time, leaving customers without their precious ice cream. But that will potentially no longer be a problem, now that the company is making changes to their machinery. Apparently, as it currently stands, McDonald's ice cream machines are complicated appliances that require an 11-step cleaning process and constantly break. Nothing should take 11 steps to clean unless it is a rocket ship or some sort of priceless, complicated diamond that needs to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building for a potential buyer.

The fast food chain is switching out the current machines with brand new ones, ones that hopefully won't break nearly as often. Hopefully. Apparently even when the current machines are working, employees say that they are "broken" if the location has already started cleaning them for the night since it takes so long. Not the best process for a constantly-busy food chain to have to deal with. But good news is just around the corner for McFlurry fans, it seems. So the next time you go ask for a delicious cone of vanilla soft serve for just a dollar, hopefully the answer is a hearty "of course" instead of a depressing "we're sorry, the machine is down."

(via The Wall Street Journal)