Earn $10,000 a month to vacation in luxury homes

Want to get paid to ski in Japan, go to wine tastings in Argentina and stay in the most luxurious homes around the world? Well, this company wants to make your dreams come true!

The membership-based home rental site, Thirdhome, allows second home owners to swap luxury homes with other members around the world.

If you do not own 2 luxury homes or even one, the company still wants to treat you to the best 3 months of your life. They are offering a position that pays $10,000 a month to a skilled traveler.

For 3 months you will travel the world, staying at up to 12 of the most luxurious homes on their roster. All travel expenses will be covered.

To qualify the applicant must "have the ability to understand and appreciate luxury" and experience with international travel. You will also be asked to share your experiences and travels through blogs, videos and social media.

To apply for the best job ever visit the Thirdhome's Facebook page. You will have to submit a video explaining why you are the best candidate for the gig before March 30th.

Apply soon and get ready to quit your day job and feel like Kim Kardashian for the next 3 months.

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