The shocking reason a California man is suing Papa John's

One customer had a real life Pizza Drone moment, but with text messages.

According to TMZ, Jonathan Anozie is suing Papa John's after they bombarded him with text messages.

Anozie claims that he received a text with a coupon from the chain last March.

He replied 'Stop' to cancel the automatic texts, which is what the Papa John's website instructs one to do, but it didn't work.

Anozie says the incessant pizza coupons caused him significant anxiety, frustration and annoyance.

He also says that he has never even ordered a slice of pizza.

Papa John's told Complex that they're investigating the claim.

We don't know what's wrong with this guy. Getting unlimited coupons from pizza chains is the dream! That and having the pizzas delivered by George Clooney.

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