The book to read if you're looking for a side hustle

Using the right tools and products can make a world of difference when it comes to dealing with your financial matters. With that in mind, each week we will be featuring one Finance Collective member approved product or tool that can help make your financial life a little bit easier. This week we are sharing the book "Hustle Away Debt: Eliminate Your Debt by Making More Money." Read below to see what Debt Discipline thinks of the read:

"If you are looking to diversify your income streams or pay down debt with a side hustle this book is for you. It's so important to have a plan "b" with respect to your income because if you work for someone else that job is never guaranteed. Hustle Away Debt gives you the tools to take control of your debt and build wealth.

The book gives you the great practical advice to be successful with a side hustle. David covers the basics for someone looking to start their first side hustle and detailed examples for someone looking for their next. The book is a quick read and is under 200 pages, but still offers a ton of valuable information." -Debt Discipline

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