Home Depot to hire over 80,000 employees

For certain retailers, the spring season can mean a massive influx of sales and peak busy hours, much like the holiday season for others.

Home improvement and outdoors-centric stores are the biggest proponents of this.

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That's why Home Depot is set to hire over 80,000 new employees nationwide this spring.

According to USA Today, the retailer, which has around 2,000 storefronts throughout the country, is offering:

"...job opportunities in sales, operations and cashier positions across all departments, the company said. Merchandising teams also seek new associates to set product displays, maintain store appearance and help keep products customer-read."

The positions will be temporary but over half of those positions are estimated to turn into full-time opportunities.

The company has sped up the application process by nearly 80 percent, according to EVP of Human Resources, Tim Crow:

"We want everyone to have an easy and convenient experience with The Home Depot, whether they're shopping with us or applying for a position."

1,200 positions are estimated to be filled in the Atlanta, where Home Depot is based out of, followed by over 1,000 opportunities in St. Louis and Cleveland.

The company currently employees over 400,000 workers.

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6 items to avoid at Home Depot and Lowe's
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6 items to avoid at Home Depot and Lowe's

1. Cleaning supplies

Experts recommend steering clear of the cleaning supplies aisle. Brand name products will reportedly be marked up 5-10 percent at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Consider going to a warehouse store to find low-cost high-quality generic products instead.

2. Home decor

Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry a limited selection of home decor items like rugs, furniture, picture frames and wall art. Plus, the more basic in-store products may be pricier. 

3. Small appliances

You’ll find better deals for small appliances like microwaves, toasters, coffee makers and blenders online or at competitors like Best Buy.

4. Grilling accessories

These are often priced higher for the convenience factor of buying with the new grill you just purchased. 

5. Batteries

Consider your local warehouse club for a better deal on batteries.

6. HDX Paper Towels

Money.com reports this item is low quality -- and consumers should stick to its higher quality counterparts like Bounty’s DuraTowel.   


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