Dashcam footage shows Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in heated argument with driver


As if it couldn't get any worse for Uber this week, a video showing CEO Travis Kalanick getting into a dispute with an Uber driver has surfaced.

Fawzi Kamel, 37, recently had Kalanick and two women in his backseat, and released the below footage to Bloomberg to draw attention to the plight of Uber drivers.

In the video, Kalanick, who has previously come under fire for his combative personality and other disagreeable behaviors, gets increasingly irate with Kamel after being questioned about decreasing fares.

"We started high end, we didn't go low-end because we wanted to. We went low-end because we had to ... If we didn't do the things that we did, we would have been beaten," Kalanick first explained.

But the terse exchange quickly escalated.

"I'm bankrupt because of you," Kamel said after explaining that rising gas prices and dropping fares have cost him financially.

"You know what? Some people don't like to take responsibility for their own sh--. They blame everything in their life on someone else," Kalanick said before exiting the vehicle.

Watch the footage below.