A bizarre Instagram fad is responsible for Elmer's glue shortages across the US

"Sliming" has taken over social media — and it's causing stores to run out of Elmer's glue.

In the last several months, photos and videos of slime have become an Instagram sensation. The home-made gooey gunk — once simply a middle school craft — is made by combining Elmer's glue, Borax, water and food coloring.

"In the second half of 2016, Elmer's saw an increase in liquid glue sales due in large part to slime mania," Caitlin Watkins, a spokeswoman for Newell Brands, the parent company for Elmer's brands, told NBC News.

Earlier in February, Newell Brands reported Elmer's grew sales 9% in the 13 weeks leading up to February 11, due to the popularity of slime made using Elmer's glue.

Now, the growth of sliming is resulting in Elmer's shortages across the US.

"Are you guys going out of business or something?!?" a customer wrote on Elmer's Facebook page. "I literally cant find regular and glitter liquid glue for my daughter at every target, dollar store, walmart, kmart etc."

"Kids and adults, alike, are going wild for slime and buying up all the glue that they can get their hands on," Elmer's responded. "If your local stores are out of stock, we recommend trying online retailers."

The popularity of slime may even influence future Elmer's products.

The brand responded to one of a handful of slime-loving Twitter users looking for gallon-containers of clear glue that the brand "may be adding gallon clear glue later this year."

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