KFC trolls the internet with a 'clean-eating burger' — complete with spiralized chicken breast and ice cube relish (YUM)

KFC UK and Ireland decided to have a little bit of fun with its social media this week.

On Thursday, the fast food giant advertised a forthcoming "clean-eating burger" on its social media accounts.

The burger apparently consists of:

  • A chia-seeded cauliflower bun
  • Unsweetened almond yoghurt
  • Ice cube relish
  • Spiralized chicken breast
  • 100% British kale

The burger was purportedly created in collaboration with "Figgy Poppleton-Rice," a clear poke at nauseous clean-eating, clean-living food bloggers. The bio on her Twitter account, which was set up just this month, reads: "Clean-eating fanatic, development chef, cauliflower connoisseur. Proud mummy to Julian, the micro-teacup Pomeranian 🐩 #CleanEating"

It's clearly a parody, but that hasn't stopped some incredulous responses to the campaign from social media users:

KFC trolls the internet with a 'clean-eating burger'
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KFC trolls the internet with a 'clean-eating burger'
.@KFC_UKI @figgypop_rice https://t.co/5KzpGwz0Uz
@KFC_UKI Healthy eating scheme from KFC? Life's full of enough disappointments
@KFC_UKI @figgypop_rice Ew!! Is this some kind of early April fools joke? Looks awful.
@KFC_UKI How could you betray us like this.
@KFC_UKI I've honestly never been so ashamed of you before
@KFC_UKI @figgypop_rice what have you done

A KFC spokesperson told Mashable: "The KFC spokesperson isn't available to comment as they are currently looking into an increased cauliflower demand."

Ha. Ha.

We'll have to wait and see what delights KFC UK and Ireland has in store for us on Monday. KFC's UK and Ireland ad agency is BBH, while Freuds handles its PR.

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