Brewing an $18 cup of coffee


Tired of how expensive your daily coffee is? Well, there's a new brew on the block that's sure to make your blood boil. In Brooklyn, NY Alpha Dominche's Extraction Lab's most expensive cup will set you back a hefty $18.

While this price may seem insane to some, or most people, the premium beans have been deemed the most expensive beans in the world. The brewing system's price isn't something to bat an eye at either. Their 2 custom steampunk brewing systems come in at a whopping $13,900 which definitely helps hike up the price of the most expensive cup of coffee in America. Extraction Lab's steampunk system is not only captivating to watch but incredibly efficient. Not only can coffee and tea be brewed in the same system, but it self-cleans!

For those not willing to shell out that type of money on bean water they do have more reasonably priced brews that will only set you back $3.

See more of the process below: