We tried the $500 tequila-infused pizza -- Here's what happened


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila -- It's the one day of the year where you can shamelessly order more!

February 22 is National Margarita Day, which means an excuse to down one (or four) of your favorite tequila-infused drinks.

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And though the holiday does call for a beverage after all, chefs and restaurants are getting more and more creative with taking the "holiday" and using its concept to create different drinks and dishes inspired by the classic cocktail.

Say, for example, a $500 Patrón-infused pizza.

Topped with the most decadent of ingredients and creative combination of spicy and sweet, this mouthwatering delicacy is called the "Platinum Margarita Margherita Pizza" in celebration of National Margarita Day on February 22.

We stopped by Bodega Negra, inside the Dream Hotel in New York, New York to watch this cheat-meal dream come to life, and, of course, to snag a bite (or six but really who's counting?)

The flakiest, thinnest crust is prepped and covered in a three-cheese blend (tequila infused) with sliced tomatoes set in the middle, and put in the oven.

Once finished it's time to layer on the toppings – and believe us, watching the process without being able to bite into that tequila-flavored goodness was nearly a legal form of torture.

Watch chef Joel Reiss prepare and layer the pizza on the AOL Finance Facebook page below:

The pizza is cut into thin slices before the ingredients are placed on, which allows for the maximum, gooey amount of toppings to fall off the crust and on to your plate with each slice – more bang for your buck and your bite!

The toppings are layered in a circular manner, starting from the outside and working inward.

First, around the crust are the lemon-water covered avocado slices, followed by the next layer of seasoned mango, which surprisingly spices up the flavor of the fruit.

An (adorable, may we add) avocado flower is set in the center of the pie and then surrounded by juicy, glazed lobster.

The pictures of this pizza alone are enough to make you wanting seconds:

The unlikely pizza ingredients didn't just come naturally to the team behind the pizza, explains chef Joel Reiss:

"We tried a few variations of things. We were thinking about using foie gras in here -- We thought lobster, the caviar, the sweetness of the mango and the saltiness of the truffle would mesh well together."

Hand shaved black truffles are then added to the pizza on top of the mango, interspersed with house made crema, infused with Gran Patrón Platinum.

Chef Reiss explained that the Patrón has "such a nice flavor to it, more so than any other tequila that I've used in the past," which left his team "shocked at how much nice flavor [the tequila] actually added to the dish...it really added a lot of depth."

Pickled red onions are added for acidity (and aesthetic variation) and finished off with Osetra caviar and edible platinum foil, for decorative touch.

Then it was time to dig in and if you haven't been able to figure out by now, we were not disappointed.

And according to chef Reiss, customers haven't been either:

"I haven't stopped making them yet – in my sleep, somewhat!"

For such decadent ingredients and flavors, we were surprised by how surprisingly light the pizza tasted.

The layering of ingredients allows for each unique flavor to hit your mouth in succession, including the tequila – the bitter richness of the alcohol combined with the creamy avocado, decadent lobster and punchy mango is a combination that tastes just as good as it looks on a menu.

This pizza goes for $500 and is available at Bodega Negra in NYC and has to be ordered 48 hours in advance, since the Oestra caviar and black truffles are outsourced.

And if a pricey pizza isn't in your budget, treat yourself to a shot of tequila (Patrón, of course) in celebration of National Margarita Day – or, you know, any day because life is short and tequila is good.

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