Company revolutionizes wedding cakes with digital projections -- and it's totally insane

Forget rosettes, sugar pearls and even naked wedding cakes!

UK-based company Angie Scott Cakes unveiled video projection cakes on Friday at London's National Wedding Show -- and it's a total wedding game-changer.

The video above, which was recorded prior to the event, shows a six-tier cake projected with fireworks, computer games, and congratulatory messages for the potential newlywed couple.

The company says it aims to offer unique and personalized wedding cakes with customized animations, each designed to match the personality and theme of the event.

Company owner and cake designer, Scott, told Reuters that the cake has to have sharp corners and edges for the best effect from the projection. The projections can be up to ten minutes long and a custom 'cutting the cake' animation can also be added, the company website says.

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