Teach your kids about money with this must-read book

Using the right tools and products can make a world of difference when it comes to dealing with your financial matters. With that in mind, each week we will be featuring one Finance Collective member approved product or tool that can help make your financial life a little bit easier. This week we are sharing the book "Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You're Not)." Read on to see why Wallet Hacks is a fan!

"As someone with relatively good money skills, this book was a good fit because it created a framework for teaching money lessons.

As I read through each chapter that applied to our kids and looked ahead to the ones that they'd soon face, everything made sense. More importantly, it creates a checklist. I can't remember everything and a framework makes it so I don't have to. I can focus on passing on the lessons.

It was also great in that it told us what was probably OK and what probably wasn't, at each age group. While you could figure this out through trial and error, having that framework provides a solid anchor.

I think that when our kids get older, this book will be a great tool. I skipped ahead to the section on auto insurance and shudder at the thought of our kids driving one day!" -Wallet Hacks

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