Starbucks unveils surprising new menu item

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Dessert or coffee? Those are the options we have after a meal or when choosing a sweet treat.

Starbucks sort of brought dessert to coffee with sweet drinks like the Frappuccino, but their latest move just went full on dairy queen.

The coffee giant will soon be serving ice cream in more than 100 locations across the US starting in Los Angeles, Boston and DC.

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But it's not your average Butterfinger blizzard, Starbucks will be selling affogatos - a fancy Italian name for ice cream topped with a shot of espresso.

And if you thought a coffee was expensive at nearly $2 the affogatos range from $6 to 8.50 for a cold brew malt.

The ice cream coffee situation isn't new though - it was first sold in Starbucks upscale store The Roastery in Seattle. But it did so well there Starbucks decided to roll it out to more stores.

Still 8.50 is expensive! You could just buy a Frappuccino and scoop in some ben and jerry's. Then again you could just make Folgers at home - but who does that?