Amazon wants to start selling its own $10 bras

Amazon is planning to launch its own private-labeled bras in the US, likely within the next several weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal's Khadeeja Safdar and Laura Stevens.

The products are expected to be priced around $10, significantly lower than the bras sold by Victoria's Secret, one of the leading companies in the market which typically sells bras for around $40. Amazon already sells its own line of lingerie products in the UK under the brand Iris & Lilly.

The launch of its own lingerie brand in the US is Amazon's latest move in to the fashion retail space. Last year, Amazon quietly launched seven private fashion brands, and is reported to be working on its own workout clothing brand as well.

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In one of the job openings for Amazon Fashion, the company describes its mission as becoming "the primary destination for customers buying Softlines product in the US."

It remains to be seen how Amazon's strategy will work in the women's intimate apparel space. As the WSJ points out, customers still prefer trying on the products before making the purchase, and may question the product's quality especially given its low price.

Still, there's a lot to like about Amazon's chances: clothing has the highest online penetration among all shopping categories, and Amazon already holds a distinct lead compared to its competitors in the online fashion market.

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screen shot 2016 07 11 at 10.50.31 am

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