Why Didn't I Learn This in School: Hand-Me-Down Discount


It's no surprise having a kid costs money.

Parents shell out at least $12,000 on their baby in the first year, and almost a quarter million by the time they hit 18 -- and that's just for kid number one in your Brady Bunch household.

One of the major costs of raising a child? We spend piles of money on piles of clothes. So, one way to cut costs is to double down on hand-me-downs.

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Dive into those clearance racks and only pick out quality items. Generally, natural fibers like silk, cotton and wool last longer than synthetics -- so check the tags. You may want to consider sticking with gender-neutral clothing and timeless styles, too. Trendy wear can make your clothes look dated.

Check out 14 items you should always buy secondhand:

Once your baby outgrows those outfits, you have to properly store them to maintain the quality. First, clean it, put it in a vacuum sealed space bag and store it in a cool dry place. For added protection, place the bag in a storage bin. Next, label everything. Help your future self by marking all those bags and boxes.

Other items worth swapping or handing down are bedding, toys and Halloween costumes. Just make sure certain baby items meet the latest safety standards. If you aren't keeping all that baby gear for kid number two, trade with your friends or local organizations, or try one of the many Facebook groups out there to share ideas and swap items with other parents. No money involved!

If you do it right, surrounding yourself with gently used hand-me-downs will make sure you have enough for the important things in life.

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