Target gift card hack that could save you hundreds

If you're an avid Target shopper and love to save money, this useful hack will make your day.

Although the retail giant is known for its affordable prices, you may not always know what's on sale in the store. From household products to fashionable clothing, there are so many different types of items available for purchase.

Aside from all of the sales and discounted prices Target offers, there's one service the company has that may blow your mind. If you have a gift card from another major retailer, you can trade in the card for a Target one -- for a percentage of the gift card's original value.

Awesome, right?

If that doesn't suit your fancy, take a look at the items you should always buy from Target in the slideshow below.

7 items you should always buy at Target
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7 items you should always buy at Target

1. Toys

Photo credit: Getty

2. Kids' Bedding

Photo credit: Getty

3. Video Games

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4. Makeup and Cosmetics

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5. Picture frames

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6. Household essentials

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7. Groceries

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