28 money-saving ideas for students

My girlfriend and I did everything backward; we moved out, got jobs, and then decided we should probably go back to school. If anyone knows how to save money as students, it's us. We pay a massive amount for rent, food, and utilities. I also have a hefty car payment, yet we still manage to save each month. Here are 28 ways to save money as a student.

1. Buy or rent used textbooks, and sell the ones from last semester
2. Don't buy on impulse
3. Never, under any circumstances, go grocery shopping when you're hungry
4. Don't eat out as much
5. Don't smoke (we know things get rough, but find another coping mechanism)
6. Always pay your bills on time to avoid late fees and interest charges
7. Pay off consumer debt as quickly as possible (i.e., Credit Cards)
8. Walk instead of drive
9. Get a roommate to split the rent
10. Lower your cable TV package, or just don't have cable. Ever hear of Netflix?
11. Lower your phone package. You can find wifi almost anywhere, do you really need 10GB's of data?
12. Look for discounts before you buy anything
13. Sell things you no longer need
14. Don't get a pet until after college (we bought a bunny on impulse and he's cute as heck, but I don't recommend you do the same)
15. Drink water; it's free and healthy
16. Make coffee at home. Going out for coffee can get expensive
17. Open a savings account. Keep your student loan money in a savings account, and earn interest on that large balance
18. Make a budget, and stick to it
19. Never take a loan for anything other than education
20. Get a credit card with cash-back rewards
21. Take advantage of tax incentives
22. Convert to a student banking account
23. Learn to cook
24. Use a slow cooker
25. Carpool whenever possible
26. Never put a balance on your credit card if you don't intend on paying it off right away
27. Shop secondhand
28. Take a visit to the library (having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card)

Well, there you have it – 28 ways to save money as a student!

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