More than half of online sales growth in the US came from Amazon last year

More than half of US e-commerce growth in 2016 came from a single company: Amazon.

According to market research firm Slice Intelligence, Amazon accounted for 53% of online sales growth in the US last year, leaving all of its competitors to fight for the remaining 47% of the pie. That means for every new dollar American consumers spent online, Amazon took 53 cents of it.

In total, Amazon took 43% of all the revenue generated online in the US market last year, Slice estimates.

This isn't the first time Amazon drove the majority of US online sales growth. In 2015, Macquarie estimated 51% of e-commerce sales growth came from Amazon, a huge jump from the previous two years, when it accounted for 33% and 36% of the growth, respectively.

Add this to the fact that Amazon had a record holiday season, and all signs point to another blow out quarter for the e-commerce giant, who reports fourth quarter earnings Thursday after the bell. Here's what the street expects, according to Yahoo Finance:

  • Earnings-per-share (EPS): $1.35 vs. $1 last year
  • Revenue: $44.68 billion vs. $35.75 billion last year

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