Why Didn't I Learn This in School: E-Shopping Excellence

Everyone knows there are bargains online -- but how do you find them? It takes practice to be an expert e-shopper.

Studies have found people love to shop on Sundays -- and retailers know it, too. Sites often inflate their prices on this day of the week, so shopping on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are your best bet.

Here's another expert tip: Clear your history, sign out of your email and social media sites, or pull up an incognito window so websites can't track your browsing history. Sites will sometimes change your prices based on your shopping patterns, a phenomenon called "dynamic pricing."

Chat with a customer service chat online to get some exclusive promotions. You can also sign up for newsletters to get offers delivered right to your inbox, and don't forget to check out a retailer's Facebook and Twitter sites for deals, as well.

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For some big-ticket items, the time of year you're shopping can make a big difference. January and February are known as the best months to buy a new TV, and President's Day is a perfect time to refurnish your home with furniture sales. As we head into the warmer months, Memorial Day is known for having top clothing sales, and June is said to be a great month to buy gym equipment. For patio furniture and summer clothes, hit up 4th of July sales. And we all know what August and September are known for -- Back to school sales! Stock up on fall clothes and electronics this time of year.

Consider these tips during your next online shopping splurge, and you're guaranteed to save!

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Money-saving online shopping hacks
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Money-saving online shopping hacks

1. Clear your browser history

Some retailers might sneakily increase prices based on your browsing patterns and demand - so make sure to always clear your history and cookies before shopping! 

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2. Use an alternate email address

When you log in to a retailer's site with a new email address, retailers will often welcome you as a new customer with exciting new promotions and discounts. 

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3. Note price changes throughout the week

Another pro tip: Prices and deals can fluctuate based on the day of the week. For instance, if you're purchasing a flight, monitor prices for around a week to see if they take a dip on any particular day before purchasing. 

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4. Let items linger in your cart

Here's a hack: Add items to your cart, but let them sit for 24 hours before purchasing. The retailer might attempt to lure you back with additional discounts.

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5. Check out multiple sites

Do some research! Don't settle for the first price you see - poke around on a search engine and find the best deal. 

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6. Bargain with customer service

Use customer service to your advantage. If you ask (politely!) about an expired coupon, you'll often find yourself pleasantly surprised by an extension or new code! 

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7. Don't purchase impulsively

Try this shopping hack - don't buy that shiny, new toy right away. Step away for a few hours, and if you find yourself itching to go back and click 'purchase', then you know you won't regret your investment!

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8. Avoid shipping fees

Take advantage of free shipping! If you are a few dollars below the free shipping price point, add a low-cost filler item you need anyway (like socks!) and make the math work out in your favor. 

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