Walmart takes on Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping — no membership required

Walmart is going after Amazon on one of its signature offerings — and undercutting the price.

The United States' biggest retailer is introducing free two-day shipping with no membership fee. Amazon offers free two-day shipping through Prime, which costs $99 a year.

"In today's world of e-commerce, two-day free shipping is table stakes. It no longer makes sense to charge for it," Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce, said in a statement.

Walmart's two-day shipping will require a minimum purchase of $35, down from $50. Without Prime, Amazon customers have to same spend $49 for free shipping that takes longer than two days.

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Walmart bought Lore's, an Amazon e-commerce competitor, for $3 billion in August. The acquisition was seen as a major play against Amazon.

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"We are moving at the speed of a startup," Lore said. "Two-day free shipping is the first of many moves we will be making to enhance the customer experience and accelerate growth."

Walmart's no-membership free shipping will be a major play against Amazon, but Prime membership still comes with a host of other benefits that Walmart can't provide, including original TV series and music streaming. And free shipping through Prime doesn't require a minimum purchase.

Amazon has also been launching Prime around the world. Walmart's 2-day shipping will be available in U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

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