Airbnb lets users open their homes to refugees

By Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

As outcry continues over President Donald Trump's immigration ban on seven majority-Muslim countries, one tech company is reaching out to those in need.

Home sharing service Airbnb has pledged that it will offer accommodations free of charge to those effected by the ban.

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In a Facebook post, founder and CEO Brian Chesky, writes that the company will help provide free housing to refugees and others who are denied travel to the U.S. and are stuck in a country or city other than their own.

A day later the company launched a website allowing hosts to offer up their homes.

Airbnb is just one of several tech companies sparring with the President over the sudden immigration ban.

Netflix, Facebook, Google and Apple have all expressed concern, saying their companies wouldn't be possible without immigrants.

Even Twitter, Trump's favorite social media platform, has weighed in and pledged to stand with immigrants, always.

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