Uber to pay $20 million for alleged driver income deception

Ads claiming Uber drivers could pull $90,000 a year were too good to be true!

Now, the company has to pay up and settle allegations that it duped drivers over how much they could earn and how much it costs to finance a car.

The Federal Trade Commission filed the claim.

Uber advertised on its website that drivers could make more than $90K per year in NYC and more than $74K in San Francisco.

The FTC said less than 10% of drivers earned that.

Not only that, the FTC found the mid-range income for NYC drivers was only $61,000 and $53,000 in San Fran, nowhere close to the incomes boasted by Uber.

The second charge alleges Uber signed drivers into lousy auto-financing agreements.

The $20 million will be paid out to affected drivers.

Moving forward, Uber says it will not misrepresent potential incomes anymore.

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