Vacation around the world for free just by walking the dog

BY: TC Newman, Buzz60

Travel can be expensive and everyone is looking for a way to save a buck. How about getting a place to stay for free? There's just one little catch. is a website dedicated to matching travelers with free lodging. Rather than spend their hard earned dough, cash strapped travelers earn their rooms by taking care of the homeowner's pets.

Travelers can pamper a feline in Rome or play fetch with a retriever in Denver, as there are homes available in 140 different countries.

Pet owners choose the right house sitter for them using the Trusted Housesitter website. They can feel comfortable leaving their home and the furry members of their family because of Trusted Housesitter's rigorous verification process, which includes checking references, passports and criminal records.

While dogs and cats are the most common pets, people have also sat for horses, chickens, donkeys and rabbits.

As a pet owner or a house sitter, it costs $119 per year to be a part of the Trusted Housesitters community. That's far less than the cost of putting a pet in a kennel or even one night in a hotel!

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"Meet my lil bro!! Ive been so busy teaching him how to act I haven't had a second to post a pic🙈 and even though he can be a pain in my butt I am learning to love him😏💙"
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"You've made the last 2 years the best 2 years of my life! Happy Birthday Naomi!!! #DogLover"
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"Welcome baby Zo to the crib!"
"Welcome to the fam baby girl"

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