The best jobs to apply for in 2017 are in tech

By Jose Sepulveda, Buzz60

The tech sector is increasingly dominating more and more of the future job market and if you want to get in on this ever-growing industry, you'll have to keep up with math and science.

According to a new study by Glassdoor, 14 of the top 50 jobs this year are in the tech industry.

The study reviewed job satisfaction, potential for growth and current number of openings to accumulate their results. In fact, four of the top 5 jobs on the list are in the tech sphere.

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In fifth place is Analytics Manager with 1,958 openings and an average salary of $112,000.

Fourth place goes to tax managers, which isn't technically a tech job but requires math knowledge.

Third are data engineers with an average salary $106,000. DevOps engineers took the second spot with an average salary of $110,000.

The top job turned out to be data scientist, a job in which you transfer huge amounts of raw data into useful data sets with a median income of $110,000 but more job openings and a higher job satisfaction than the rest.

Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor says that, "the theme this year is the diffusion of tech jobs out of the traditional tech sector and into healthcare, finance and even in some cases government and retail."