Cards Against Humanity has one specific requirement for their new CEO: be Barack Obama

Job descriptions are getting really specific these days.

Cards Against Humanity, the game recommended you don't play with your family, is known for their outrageous card combinations and their charitable past with nonprofits and high-poverty classrooms across the U.S. Not to mention the time they dug a giant hole for absolutely no reason.

But now, the company is now in the market for a new CEO. While the requirements for such a position include the usual public speaking skills and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Cards Against Humanity has some demands that sound very specific to one person in particular.

In a Craigslist listing posted two days ago, the card company openly asked candidates to meet requirements that seem to be aimed towards, well, basically just Barack Obama.

Image: craigslist

The company needs a strong leader to guide them in these times seeing as they "have no idea" what they're doing" and because they spent an "enormous" amount of time campaigning for Hillary Clinton. While the listing may be open to the public, it's obvious that the former president is the frontrunner for the position.

It's basically the same ploy that Spotify pulled earlier this month, but now it looks like Barry will have some options.

Here's hoping the former president is trolling Craigslist looking for a job.