Trump's childhood home in New York City is going up for auction — take a look inside

The owner of an unassuming property in Queens, New York, is betting that a brief connection with President-elect Donald Trump will provide a happy return.

The two-story, Tudor-style home where Trump once lived as a child will hit the auction block on January 17.

The home is unremarkable except for its historical link to the president-elect, but that fact is key, the auction company's principal auctioneer told The New York Times.

"It's unique, and it has intangible value that goes beyond just the physical real estate," Paramount Realty USA's Misha Haghani told the Times. "You're not actually getting anything of tangible value for the Trump association."

The auction is blind and does not have a target price. The property was originally put up for sale for $1.6 million in 2016, though that price was later reduced to $1.2 million. The listing was taken down due to lack of interest, according to the New York Post, and the previous owners, Isaac Kestenberg and his estranged wife, Claudia, planned to auction it off in October 2016. It later sold to its current owner, real estate prospector Michael Davis, for $1.25 million in December.

Before this, the home last changed hands in 2008, when it was purchased for $782,500.

Peek inside the historic listing:

Trump's childhood home hits the auction block
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Trump's childhood home hits the auction block

Donald Trump's childhood home is situated in the neighborhood of Jamaica Estates in Queens, New York.

Paramount Realty USA

The petite 40' x 120' suburban lot fits in with the rest of the neighborhood.

Paramount Realty USA

The rear of the Tudor-style home includes a sun porch.

Paramount Realty USA

Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump, built the house for his family in 1940, and they lived in it until Donald was four years old.

Paramount Realty USA

Source: NYT

It seems that the house has not been updated much since then.

Paramount Realty USA

According to the auction listing, the interior has "old world charm."

Paramount Realty USA

The home has five bedrooms spread across 3,600 square feet.

Paramount Realty USA

Trump's former bedroom was decorated in a patriotic manner at the time the listing photos were taken.

Paramount Realty USA

Aside from the link to Trump, not much else sets the home apart.

Paramount Realty USA

Trump himself reportedly expressed interest in purchasing the home in the past, but he never followed through to visit the property.

Paramount Realty USA

Source: The New York Times


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