How to tackle your goals as life changes


Managing your finances can be difficult, but a few quality tips and tricks can go a long way. Each week we'll be featuring a new tip on anything from daily spending to retirement planning from a member of the Finance Collective. This week's tip comes from Jiu-Jitsu Finance and is about adjusting our goals as life changes:

Revisiting Your Goals
"For the few that actually look at their goals again, it's common to revisit them only at the end of the year. This is a crucial error. As our circumstances may change day to day and month to month, so will our goals.

%shareLinks-quote="A lot can change in twelve months, which is why I propose reviewing once a month, or at the very least every three months." type="quote" author="Jiu-Jitsu Finance" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

If you're only looking back in December, it's easy to think you failed or did not achieve, while the truth is that some of your goals aren't relevant anymore. One example of mine is that I was going to build a certain business with a business partner I was working with. As the year progressed, neither the business or the partner seemed viable as to where my vision was going. In considering these changes, my goals were very different in June, as compared to January.

Revisiting also keeps our desires relevant. It's helps us remember that we even have them. Ideas aren't enough, we must execute.

As the great Thomas Edison said, 'Vision without execution is hallucination.' " -Jiu-Jitsu Finance

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