Russians generously mint a $10,000 'Trump coin' in honor of his inauguration

Trump may have historically low approval ratings in his own country, but over in Russia, he's got a wildly enthusiastic fan base.

Art-Grani, a Russian metal-working company, decided to celebrate the incoming president by minting commemorative silver and gold coins featuring his visage. What better way to tell someone you love them than by making a coin of them/hacking their election?

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Of course, those coins will retail for $10,000 per coin, because this is Trump we're talking about. The people won't be able to buy it, but his cabinet sure will.

"We see our mission as immortalizing in metal the bright events of history and modernity, not only in our country but of the whole world," the company's sales manager told CNN.

One side of the coin features Trump, while the other includes the Statue of Liberty and the phrase "In Trump we trust."

Yes, you read that right: the word "God" has been replaced by "Trump," which is obviously nothing but a good sign for American democracy.

The company will produce 45 coins, 25 of them silver, 5 gold and 15 silver and gold.

Art-Grani previously minted a Putin coin after Russia annexed Crimea.