5 ways to save at Bath & Body Works

Let's face it. Stress is part of life. After a long day at the office, or an evening at home refereeing feuding children, you may find yourself desperately in need of some well-deserved R&R.

Bath & Body Works is the place to go for all your aromatherapy needs. The retailer's sweetly scented soaps, sprays, shower gels, lotions and candles can provide instant stress relief. And we've got tips to cut the cost of those pampering products.

Following are five ways to save at Bath & Body Works.

1. Sign up at the retailer's website

Simply go to the Bath & Body Works website, and a message will pop up asking for your email address. If you consent, you won't be sorry. Bath & Body Works regularly sends out coupons that can save you lots of cash.

Don't want to sign up online? The next time you're in the store, give the cashier your email address and phone number and ask to be added to the company's mailing list.

2. Take advantage of the semiannual sales

Bath & Body Works fans know that two of the best times to shop at the store are January and June, during the retailer's semiannual sales.

This month's sale includes 50 percent off on a number of items – including candles, soaps and body care products — and 75 percent off others.

Stock up during these two months, and you'll save a bundle over the course of the year.

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3. Complete the surveys at the bottom of your receipt

Bath & Body Works rewards customers for their feedback. Check the bottom of your next receipt for a survey – designed to help improve customer experience — and you may receive a coupon code to be applied toward a future purchase.

For example, I recently completed a survey and enjoyed $10 off my $30 purchase of foaming hand soap and Wallflower refills.

It's not the usual blah, blah, blah. Click here.

4. Shop with a discounted gift card

Get even deeper discounts on sale and regular-price merchandise when you pay with a card that you've purchased from a gift card discount site.

For example, Raise recently offered Bath & Body Works cards for up to a 3.2 percent discount. Meanwhile, Cardpool sold them for up to 6 percent off.

You also can win gift cards for filling out surveys, watching videos and engaging in other activities at sites such as Swagbucks. That site rewards you with Bath & Body Works gift cards in denominations of $25 and $50.

For more on how Swagbucks works, check out our story that explains how you can earn up to $2,700 a year on the site.

5. Shop through a cash-back site

Another way to save at Bath & Body Works is to shop through a cash-back website such as Ebates. Right now, Ebates offers 1 percent off each purchase at the retailer made through its site.

That might not sound like much, but combine it with a discounted or free gift card and shop during a sale and you'll be saving some serious coin!

If you haven't signed up at Ebates yet, this might be the time to do so. Right now, you can get a free $10 Walmart gift card for signing up at Ebates and spending $25 in 90 days. Read our story to find out more.

Do you know of other ways to save at Bath & Body Works? Share them by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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