If you've bought milk in the last 14 years, you may get cash payout

By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

If you've bought milk within the last 14 years in one of 15 states or D.C., you may be eligible for a cash payout of up to $70!

It's all thanks to a class action lawsuit against the dairy industry about fixing milk prices.

Specifically, the lawsuit accuses milk producers of artificially inflating milk prices by killing up to 500,000 cows to lower the supply of milk, while keeping costs high.

A court recently ordered dairy companies to pay damages of $52 million, according to a report by Munchies.

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So how do you get paid?

If you're a milk drinker and live in or have lived in Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia or Wisconsin at any point since 2003, you may be eligible.

It's not just milk that earns you a cash reward, but other milk products like cottage cheese, cream cheese, half and half, sour cream or yogurt.

All you have to do is check a box on the website BoughtMilk.com, *swearing that you purchased any of these products.

The same website is where you'll submit a claim.

The deadline is January 31st.

Refunds of $45 to $70 will be given, although the amount you receive depends on how many people apply for the cash.

According to the official website, there's a chance the payout could end up being $30 or lower.

But don't have a cow, it's still free money!