Two Microsoft employees are suing claiming their jobs gave them PTSD

By Josh King, Buzz60

Two social media moderators for Microsoft's Online Safety Team aresuing the company and claim to suffer from PTSD, saying the company isn't providing them with proper mental health support.

As part of their jobs, moderators Henry Soto and Greg Blauert must view disturbing online video, some of children being abused and even killed.

Once on the team, both men had to stay on the team for 18 months, and during those months, the Daily Beast reports Soto experienced nightmares, sleep disturbances and auditory hallucinations.

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While, according to court documents, Blauert dealt with insomnia, anxiety and uncontrollable crying which ultimately lead to a "physical and mental breakdown".

Both men applied for workers compensation while on medical leave because of their PTSD and were denied, citing that the "...condition is not an occupational disease".

A Microsoft spokesperson denied that the company was negligent and said, "The health and safety of our employees who do this difficult work is a top priority."

Microsoft also said that they provide monthly mandatory meetings with psychologists as well as use techniques like blurring to avoid employee's seeing the full graphic nature of the content.

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