The 12 most hated companies in the US, according to employees and customers

Every consumer can identify with having a negative experience with a company, at one point or another, and decidedly taking out his or her frustration with that one experience by condemning the company as a whole.

Whether it's due to a defective or non-functioning product, exceptionally poor customer service or a nationwide scandal, one thing is for certain – When Americans want to complain about a company, they certainly do not hold back.

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Thankfully, 24/7 Wall Street rounded up exactly which companies were the most irksome to the American public.

Research and analysis of data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, accompanied by employee surveys and customer reviews from companies like Glassdoor resulted in a clear-cut list of the companies the country isn't exactly so fond of.

Think that cable provider or discount retailer that you can't stand made the cut?

Here's 24/7 Wall Street's list of 12 companies Americans hate the most:

For more information on the data, visit here.

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