Coffee shop sells soup for price of the outdoor temperature


For any Chicagoans searching for a silver lining to their city's blistering cold winter climate, look no further.

Mather's-More Than a Cafe is trying to make low temperatures bearable by offering up some seriously discounted soup, according to WQAD.

The coffeeshop is selling soup in all three of its locations for the price of the outdoor temperature -- i.e., if it's 10 degrees outside, you pay just 10 cents for soup plus tax.

We feel warmer just thinking about that deal.

The soup, which normally costs $2.99 per bowl, is priced each morning based on the high forecast in the Chicago Tribune each morning, according to DNA Info.

Now, you're probably wondering ... what happens if temperatures go below 0?

"Yes, we'll be paying people to eat our soup," said Jeff Rose, manager of the cafe's Portage Park location, told WQAD. "A lot of folks appreciate it and seek us out for it. And they're grateful for a delicious bowl of warm soup, especially on cold days."

Although Chicago may occasionally be colder than Mars, we bet they don't offer perks like that on the Red Planet.

But you better get it while it's hot -- the soup campaign only lasts until February 28th.